Moonchair Red/Yellow


Ticket to the Moon Moonchair Red/Yellow

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Ticket to the Moon Hammock chair:

Strong, durable and easy to bring along. A comfortable chair that releases all pressure from your spine thanks to its smart stainhless steel angle adjustment ring. 

The set is complete with its carrying case, a footrest suspension rope and a 10kn carabiner. 


Including 3 meters of extra cord. 

Product features:
High-Grade parachute nylon
Sizes: 98 cm  15 cm  3’3 ⌀ 6
Weight1700 g – 3,75 lbs
Maximum static load120 kg  264 lbs
RopesNautical ropes   5 mm
StikselsHoogwaardige nylon triple stitching
Tubes: Aluminium

10 year guarantee on productionfailures